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A special invitation to help NEIS fight for safe energy...

Dear NEIS Supporter,

We're asking our supporters to help us fight our energy war ... at home!

NEIS has been holding "house parties." These parties are held in the homes of members like you, who invite guests over to see and hear timely presentations on critical energy issues. We invite you to consider hosting such an event.
These parties would have a twofold purpose:

The format is simple: you host the party, preferably with a theme; we provide the information, presentations, etc., and together we ask the guests to support NEIS. We've done these before, and they do work. And we are committed to assisting you in any way to make sure your event works. We've provided you with a "blueprint" of suggestions to help you start thinking of how you can make your party a success, both for you and us.

We have enormous challenges facing us this coming year, both on the issues (the "resurrection" of nuclear power, global warming and nukes, deregulation's failure, to name a few), and with the organization (we will be moving the office again this year). We simply have to grow -- and faster -- to meet these new demands. We ask you to help us meet these challenges.

I ask that you consider committing to host a party at your home at some point during the year. Fill out the form, we will contact you and help you get started. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please call us immediately so we can work together to satisfy them.

Looking forward to creating many successes with you! Stay well!


Dave Kraft
Executive Director