ACTION ALERT! 3 major issues need your action and participation this week.


Recent news accounts speak of a dangerously fragile and vulnerable condition of the Fukushima-4 reactor building and spent fuel pool.  Should the weakened Reactor-4 building collapse in a future earthquake aftershock, the spent fuel pool would undoubtedly rupture and lose cooling water, resulting in a catastrophic international disaster.  There are two things you can do to help prevent this international catastrophe from occurring:

1.       Get your organization to sign on to this letter from Japanese activist groups, calling for international assistance in stabilizing the building, and removing the spent fuel:

2.      Go to the NIRS website, and sign the petition for individuals, urging President Obama to provide swift support to the Japanese Government to stabilize Reactor Building-4:



Our colleagues at Beyond Nuclear (and others) have been tracking the recommendation of the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future calling for the rapid establishment of so-called “consolidated interim storage” HLRW facilities away from reactor sites.  This dangerous recommendation could proliferate both the number of waste sites and the amount of transportation of HLRW on America’s terrific roads, rails and waterway systems.  Further, Illinois would be a prime contender to host such a site.  Two actions are suggested:

1.       Contact Sen. Reid’s office, urging opposition of this proposal on the Senate Floor:

2.       Contact the offices of BOTH Sens. Durbin and Kirk by Monday, May 21, urging them to oppose this ill-conceived proposal.  We provide their contact info below:

Sen. Richard Durbin                                   Sen. Mark Kirk

(202)224-2152                                          (202)224-2854

(202)228-0400 fx                                      (202)228-4611 fx

(312)353-4952                                          (312)886-3506                    


NEIS will be marching for safe-energy and a less nuclear world during the upcoming NATO summit protests in Chicago.  We are participating in 2 events, and invite you to march with us, carrying signs and banners:

1.      Crime Busting March on Chicago’s Climate Crooks, Friday, May 18th, Daley Plaza (Clark & Washington) @ 1:30 p.m.

March with the NATO Environmental Alliance around the Chicago Loop as we issue warrants for arrest of the corporations and government organizations responsible for destabilizing our climate! These scoundrels have committed heinous crimes of environmental injustice, and we plan make citizen’s arrests on these perpetrators.  Exelon will be one of the stops.  Gather in Daley Plaza after the National Nurses Union march on Friday, May 18th.

2.      Environmental Contingent in CAN/G8 March & Rally,   Sunday, May 20th @ noon, NW side Petrillo Bandshell lawn in Grant Park (Columbus & Jackson).  Look for a green flag!

We’ll be marching in the HUGE permitted march with thousands of others calling for Planet over Profits and War.  We’ll have fun, creative imagery and signs for the march that show how our current system harms people and our planet and some that depict our vision for a just, earth-centered way forward.

RSVP on Facebook,

For more information, to confirm locations & RSVP, visit


NEIS will be showing “Rokkasho Rhapsody” on Thursday, May 24th, 6:30 p.m., at Multi-Kulti Center, 1000 N.  Milwaukee Ave., 4th floor, Chicago.  No charge. This is the story of Japanese anti-nuclear activism BEFORE Fukushima, as local Japanese rice farmers and fisherman try to stop a $20 billion reprocessing facility in Japan.  A beautiful movie, in Japanese style.

If you WANT a less-nuclear future, you’ll have to SUPPORT one, with both your time and your gifts.  We thank you for the actions you can take, and look forward to seeing you at these important events.

–Dave Kraft, Director–