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Nuclear Experts Ask: “Where Are the People?” as Nuclear Age ends

NEIS’ “The End of the Nuclear Age:  Where are the People?” week continued Thursday,  Nov. 30th,  featuring nuclear expert, engineer, and former nuclear utility vice-president Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education Corp, and Dr. Norma Field, professor emeritus, Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of Chicago, as guests with Jerome McDonnell on WBEZ’s Worldview show:

Continue reading Nuclear Experts Ask: “Where Are the People?” as Nuclear Age ends

…and NEIS Was There!

2,500 at NYC Climate March Send Message:  Nuclear Power? – NO Thanks!

At least 15 NEIS members went to New York City to march in the historic Climate March on Sept. 20th, marching with over 2,500

NEIS members with banner. L to R: Carol Kurz, Jan Boudart, Linda Lewison. Gloria Fallon out of picture to R.
NEIS members with banner. L to R: Carol Kurz, Jan Boudart, Linda Lewison. Gloria Fallon out of picture to R.

others from around the country in the event’s “No Nukes!” Nuclear Free/Carbon Free contingent.  A lot of our friends from Frack Free Illinois were also there.  Over 1,000 bright yellow flags and signs made an unmistakably clear point to New York and the world: “Nuclear Power? – No Thanks!” Continue reading …and NEIS Was There!



NEIS kicks off its 2014 “KNOw-Nukes!” film series with a showing of the new documentary, “High Power,” by Indian documentarian Pradeep Indulkar.  The film will be shown along with a panel discussion with the filmmaker on Thursday, March 6th, 6:30 p.m. at DePaul University’s Schmitt Academic Center, Room 154, 2320 N. Kenmore Ave., in Lincoln Park, Chicago.  The showing is being done in cooperation Continue reading NEIS EVENTS: YOU’RE INVITED – AND NEEDED!


Well, the holiday is over.  The pro-nuke tribe is at the gates yet again.  Time to get back into the trenches, and fight for safe energy once more.  Please take action on as many of these as you can.  Thanks in advance!

–Dave Kraft, Driector—

Have you become a member, or made a contribution to NEIS lately?  Please do so today!

1.)  THEY’RE BACK!  SEN. MIKE JACOBS INTRODUCES S.3417, TO REPEAL THE ILLINOIS NUCLEAR MORATORIUM:   Just like rust or a bad case of herpes, the pro-nuclear lobby is back again.  This time Sen. Mike Jacobs  (D., 36th, Moline; Chair of the Senate Energy Committee) has introduced S.3417, calling for the repeal of the section Continue reading ACTION ALERT! — ATTEMPT TO REPEAL IL NUKE MORATORIUM, EVENTS, MORE…

NEIS “Community Forum” show on Fracking to Air

CAN TV  FrackingNEIS recently hosted a CAN-TV “Community Forum” segment on the Illinois fracking issues.  Titled “To Frack or Not to Frack? – THAT is Illinois’ Question,” it is scheduled to air on Chicago Cable Access on:


Hydrogen Explosion at Fukushima. March, 2011.
Hydrogen Explosion at Fukushima March, 2011

You may have wondered all this time whether the Fukushima disaster is as bad as is being reported.  Or, whether nuclear power is a good way to combat climate disruption.  Or, whether nuclear critics are being too harsh on the nuclear industry and its regulator agency, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

If you are sincere in your questioning, then you must set aside the time to hear – from the horses’ mouths – the answers to those questions:


Upcoming Nuclear Events

…that need your attention and participation!

September 8, 2012

1.)    WON’T YOU PLEASE COME TO (WASHINGTON?) FOR SOME CHANGE? —  A major national safe-energy/anti-nuclear gathering is scheduled to take place inWashington D.C. from Thursday, Sept. 20 to Saturday, Sept. 22.  NEIS is sending representatives, and other groups and individuals are also making plans.  Details can be found at:

You can participate by:

  • Contacting the office of your Congressperson and Senators, and strongly urging them to attend or send a representative to the planned nuclear issues briefing scheduled for Thursday afternoon from 2-4 p.m., Cannon House Office Building – Room number 121.
  • Making plans to attend.

This is a very important event, and making advance contact with your rep and Senator will help us emphasize the importance of these nuclear issues when we meet with these people in DC.

2.)    NEXT KNOW-NUKES FILM SERIES:  Atomic Mom,  80 min., 2011.      Thursday, Sept. 27, 6:30 p.m., Multi-Kulti Center, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave. (at Augusta), Chicago.  Filmmaker M.T. Silva tells the story of her mother – a Navy lieutenant who worked as a researcher on the Manhattan Project, and who years later has to come to grips with her role in creating “the bomb,” and all its effects.  The story takes an even more deeply emotional turn when Silva’s mother meets a hibakusha from Japan.

3.)    SAVE THE DATES (AND ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES…)!:  NEIS has been planning with Beyond Nuclear and others to put on a major national anti-nuclear conference in Chicago to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Enrico Fermi chain-reaction.  We’re planning this for Sat/Sun Dec. 1-2, location TBD, but most likely the University of Chicago campus.  Pencil in the dates to attend.  In addition we will need scores of volunteers to help with planning and running this event.  We’ll be announcing an initial planning session shortly, so we hope you will want to be a part of making this historic event happen.  Contact us by phone or e-mail if you’re interested in helping out.  (773)

May 7: Chernobyl…Fukushima…the Great Lakes Next?

An evening with nuclear power expert Kevin Kamps.

Our DNA, our vegetables, our earth, our water are all in jeopardy.

Kevin Kamps

Please join us to hear Kevin Kamps whose contribution to our knowledge of nuclear energy issues is outstanding.
Monday  May 7th,  5:30 pm
the home of Angela Turley 4254 N. Hazel, Chicago, IL

Wine, cheese and dessert reception

A voluntary contribution is requested

Space limited (to 60)

RSVP by May 5:  (773)

Co-sponsors:  Beyond Nuclear, Nuclear Energy Information Service, Citizens Advocating For Public Ownership Of Water Continue reading May 7: Chernobyl…Fukushima…the Great Lakes Next?

Release: NEIS Launches Monthly “Know-Nukes!” Film Series Release:

For immediate use:  Sunday, February 19, 2012
Contact:  David Kraft, NEIS, (773)342-7650

NEIS Launches Monthly “Know-Nukes!” Film Series
Film series to offer perspectives on nuclear not usually seen in the Main Stream Media

CHICAGO– Chicago-based nuclear watchdog organization Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) will launch a monthly series of documentaries on various nuclear-related topics this coming Thursday, February 23rd in Chicago.

The first program will be a review followed by discussion of the recent controversial Frontline program, “Nuclear Aftershocks,” which was aired on PBS in January.  The event will take place at the Multi-Kulti community center, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave., 4th floor, Chicago, starting at 6:30 p.m.  A facilitated discussion will take place after the review. Continue reading Release: NEIS Launches Monthly “Know-Nukes!” Film Series Release: