NEIS Statement on the Legislature’s Partial Repeal of Illinois’ Nuclear  Construction Moratorium, and Embrace of Small Modular Reactors

Nov. 10, 2023

“Who is so deafe, or so blynde, as is hee, that wilfully will nother heare nor see.”  —  writer John Haywood, 1546 Read more

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Golden Rule ends 11,000 mile journey for peace in Chicago Read more

Governor Pritzker Vetoes Dangerous Nuclear Moratorium Repeal Bill

CHICAGO—Much to the surprise of many, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker today vetoed SB76, a bill that was introduced to repeal the long-standing 1987 Illinois nuclear construction moratorium. Read more

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As the World Worries About Rising Nuclear Dangers in Ukraine,

NGOs Tell Biden that US Nuclear Plants Aren’t Safe from Attack

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“Illinois Just Got ‘Nuked’”

This afternoon the Illinois House passed legislation to strip away a long-standing and effective means of protecting Illinois from excessive radiation hazard and abuse when it repealed the 1987 Illinois nuclear construction moratorium.  Read more

Illinois Senate “Kabuki Theater” Hearing Advances Nuclear Moratorium Repeal

CHICAGO—A Senate Energy and Public Utilities committee hearing held today advanced proposed legislation that would repeal Illinois nuclear construction moratorium, a safeguard to prevent Illinois from becoming a de facto high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) storage bin.  However, the bulk of the discussion and testimony centered around the promotion of “small modular nuclear reactors” (SMNRs) – turning the hearing into a trade show for the nuclear industry. Read more

CHICAGO– A House Public Utilities committee meeting held today was the scene of the opening rounds of the next “nuclear war” in Illinois.

Committee members heard testimony and voted on HB1079, introduced by Rep. Mark Walker (D. 53rd, Arlington Heights) that would repeal a decades-old moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power reactors in Illinois, pending a final disposal solution for the dangerous high-level radioactive wastes (HLRW) that reactors produce.

The Committee voted 18 to 3 to advance the bill to the full House for consideration. Read more



September 23, 2022

Today’s Fridays for the Future Climate Strike called out tens of thousands of people worldwide – over 300 in downtown Chicago — to protest the inadequate governmental response to the Climate Code Red, and identify the many corporate criminals who are responsible for the bulk of the crisis. Read more

2022 has been quite a year so far.  No sooner do we begin recovering from the gut-punching reminder of “Don’t Look Up!” that we have a potentially civilization ending Climate Code Red to contend with, and fast, when along comes – Russia. Read more



Nov. 22, 2021

COP-26 and its aftermath have seen a dramatic rise in nuclear power being marketed as a “solution” needed to fight climate disruption.  A “devils in the details” analysis of these claims and a candid review of the history of nuclear power reveal them to be false – little more than marketing hype, aimed at syphoning funds and resources better spent on truly effective and sustainable climate fighting resources like renewables, energy efficiency, energy storage and improved transmission. Read more