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Press Release: Senators Kirk and Durbin “Grill” Regulators

Study to “know”? or, dog-and-pony show?

CHICAGO—As Illinois’ two Senators prepare to question federal and state regulators about conditions at Illinois reactors and our preparedness to meet emergencies, Illinois’ nuclear watchdog organization remains skeptical, and asks – is this an earnest attempt to enact meaningful changes? Or a political grandstanding event to assuage the growing alarm and recent negative turn un public opinion against nuclear power?
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Posted March 23, 2011
Since the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster began on March 11th, it’s been a question on everybody’s mind: can it happen HERE? and, how BAD will it be?

PSR-Chicago’s Dr. Andy Kanter answered that question at a 20th Anniversary of Chornobyl event NEIS held in 2006.

The answer is most emphatically — YES! it CAN happen here. And — it won’t be pretty.

See the YouTube video here (1 hour).

Cooper Study: Trillions of Dollars in Excess Costs if the US Builds 100 Nuclear Reactors

NEIS has been providing local, state and federal legislators with a definitive study just released by The Vermont Law school, on the cost of the new reactors currently being proposed by the industry. The amount of subsidies we would have to pay for this are staggering. Here are links to the study:
PDF Logo Read the overview document
PDF Logo Read the report by Dr. Mark Cooper
audio icon Listen to audio from the study release (windows media, 63:31 duration)