Chicago Tribune Commentary Plays Politics with Yucca Mt. Issue again

The Obama Adminstration decision to terminate funding for the proposed high-level radioactive waste disposal facility at Yucca Mt. NV has both ended the waste of money and time that continuing Yucca would have represented; but also has left the nation with no immediate prospects for a long-term disposal solution in site. NEIS has maintained that Yucca Mt. mountain should have been shut about 10 years and $8 billion ago.

Tribune commentator Dennis Byrne has seized upon this Administration decision as an opportunity to politically attack President Obama and the two Democratic Senators from Illinois who so far have not objected to the Administration decision. The Tribune itself has a long history of supporting the ill-conceived and highly flawed Yucca project.

NEIS has continuously rebutted the Tribune’s position.  We continue the resistence to the irrationality of their call to re-open the Yucca project:

» see our letter to the Tribune editorial Board
» see our letter to the editors rebutting the Dennis Byrne commentary
» see the Byrne commentary

We urge others concerned with responsbile disposal of HLRW to write their own responses to the Byrne and Tribune positions.  The online form is here:,0,3578487.customform

Letters must be under 400 words, according to Tribune Editorial page editor Dodie Hofstetter.

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