NEIS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means your gift to us is tax deductible! There are many ways to support NEIS:

Secure, Online Donation:

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Make your online shopping count for something!

You’re gonna do it anyway – so make it count by helping Illinois’ ONLY safe-energy, anti-nuclear group – NEIS!  Three ways to choose:

By designating NEIS as your selected charity, THEY donate to NEIS EVERY time YOU shop, at no charge to you, automatically registered once you sign up and download the widget.  File-and-forget donating, on shopping you’ll do ANYWAY, supporting Illinois’ ONLY anti-nuclear organization – Nuclear Energy Information Service!   Thanks!

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Benefit NEIS every time you do an internet search using this link!Goodsearch: You Search...We Give! 


If you shop at iGive, a portion of your purchases will be donated to NEIS at no cost to you.

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Workplace and Company Giving:

EarthShare Illinois

NEIS is Part of EarthShare Illinois, a workplace giving program. Check here to see if your employer participates.  If your workplace does not participate in ESI, contact NEIS and we can help you set it up!

1% For the Planet

One Percent for the Planet is an alliance of companies that recognize the true cost of doing business and donate 1% of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide.  Encourage your business to join.

1% for the planet

By Mail:

Just click here for our membership and donation form, which includes our mailing address on it.

Special Solar Benefit from Ailey Solar, Chicago:

Get a discount on your solar installation and NEIS gets $500!:

NEIS Ailey Solar Donation Program 5.9.16


What your contribution to NEIS  will support in 2017…

NEIS — Illinois’ nuclear power watchdog – enters its 36th year fighting for safe energy and a less-nuclear world! Last year over 91% of contributions went directly towards supporting our issue programs. Here’s what your giving will support in 2017:

  • Ž Continuing the “No More — No Way!” Campaign, fighting for a responsible phase out of nuclear plants in Illinois and elsewhere by:
    — Exploring ways to reverse the Exelon $2.3 billion nuclear bailout for money-losing reactors in Illinois. Fight for a “just transitions” program for reactor closure communities.
    — Continuing to work for the closure of the four GE Mark-I containment reactors in Illinois at Dresden and Quad Cities – the same type that melted down and exploded at Fukushima – pending safety reviews and design change.
    — Continuing our “Defend Illinois!” campaign, exposing weak security and emergency planning conditions at Illinois’ 14 reactors and whistle-blower allegations about safety violations; and confronting authorities on post-9/11 reactor security vulnerabilities.
    — Fight for a major revisions of the Illinois decommissioning statutes to protect ratepayers from fraud and abuse during reactor decommissioning.
    — Oppose State reactor license permit variances that would allow reactors to thermally pollute Illinois rivers during extreme heat and drought conditions..
  • Ž Expanding our successful “You Can’t ‘Nuke’ Global Warming!” Campaign – a citizen education and action campaign on non-nuclear ways to fight global warming – through public presentations.Ž
  • Expanding our Radiation Monitoring Project to purchase and distribute radiation monitors to contaminated and front-line communities.
  • Ž Promoting the national Carbon Free-Nuclear Free Campaign: A Roadmap for US Energy Policy as a way to fight climate change effects while eliminating the use of nuclear and fossil fuels in the U.S. by 2040.
  • “Don’t (Rad)Waste America!”

— Promote “hardened-onsite storage” (HOSS) of irradiated reactor fuel at Illinois reactors, especially at the Zion decommissioning project.

— Oppose the recommendation of DOE’s “Blue Ribbon Commission” on America’s Nuclear Future for the construction of “interim storage facilities” for high level radioactive wastes.

— Oppose DOE’s dangerous irradiated (spent) nuclear fuel
“reprocessing” plans.

  • Continue coalition work with the Illinois Climate Table and others, to establish local programs to reverse the negative effects of global warming, re-define the global warming issue in terms of climate justice, and creating solutions in terms of a
    sustainable, green economic system.


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