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Here’s a listing of some useful and interesting websites on energy issues and projects for students. There are many important ways that students can actively contribute to a healthier environment by making better energy choices (and getting parents and family members to do the same!!).

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This is a national/international campaign by the national Earth Day Network 2000 organization to get the country to move towards cleaner energy resources. Go to their website above, and click to the “Clean Energy NOW” page. You will eventually find a “Campuses” button on the left, which will get you involved with other (mostly college level) students and projects.



Fostering energy efficiency in all segments of the community is the best way to protect the environment and to prolong the life of our energy resources.


That’s why the Alliance to Save Energy developed Green Schools–a comprehensive program designed for K-12 schools that creates energy awareness, enhances experiential learning, and saves schools money on energy costs.


Everyone Benefits from Green Schools!

  • Students benefit from hands-on lessons in energy conservation and efficiency that will pay off now and in the future. 
  • Schools benefit from considerable cost savings, curriculum support, cross-functional team building, and community involvement. 
  • Communities benefit from the partnerships established among key stakeholders. 
  • The environment benefits from the more efficient use of polluting fossil fuels.

Learn More About Green Schools:

  • What’s New: The latest news about Green Schools as well as alerts about new additions to the web site. 
  • About Green Schools: An in-depth description of the program. 
  • Start a Green Schools Program: Like what you see? Get the scoop on what it takes to get Green Schools going in your school.

Teachers: Lesson plans, a bibliography of resources, comments from teachers currently using the Green Schools curriculum, and an online forum are some of the features specially created for teachers

Students: In the School Spirit section you can learn about what students from other Green Schools are accomplishing. There is also an online discussion forum and links to other sites of interests to students.

Updates: Keep track of recent developments in the Green Schools program with the latest newsletter.


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