About Nuclear Power

NEIS is opposed to the continued use of nuclear power both in this country and worldwide. When we started NEIS in 1981, we had four main reasons for opposing nuclear power:

1.) it’s an unacceptable and unnecessary safety and health risk because of the tremendous accidents it could cause, like at Chernobyl in the Ukraine, Three Mile Island and Brown’s Ferry in the USA, and Windscale, England;

2.) it’s too expensive compared to other ways of meeting legitimate energy needs for electric service;

3.) it produces long‑lived and dangerous radioactive wastes which must be kept out of the environment for hundreds to thousands of years, and at a great financial cost to society;

4.) if it weren’t for the first three problems, nuclear power would actually be an unimportant energy resource, since so many other better choices exist for us to use to meet our energy needs. More detailed explanations of these positions will be found in the “Literature” materials throughout this website.

Since our founding, we have had to add four more objections to the continued use of nuclear power:

5.) it contributes worldwide to the illegal and unwanted spread of nuclear materials, technology, and eventually weapons, like in Korea, Pakistan, Israel and Iraq;

6.) it cannot efficiently or safely help solve other serious energy-related environmental problems like Global Warming, and

7.) it cannot efficiently or safely end our dependance on foreign oil imports, despite what nuclear industry advertising claims.

8.) there is a great risk of a terrorist incident at a nuclear plant or – surprisingly, much more dangerous – at a waste storage site.

As stated in #4 above, were it not for the problems its use causes, nuclear power would actually be irrelevant as an energy source in this country, since renewable energy resources (like hydro-power, wind, solar, etc.) already produce as much total net energy as does nuclear power; and because energy conservation and efficiency can save us far greater amounts of electricity (and do so at a lower cost) than is produced by all 103 nuclear power plants in operation in the U.S. today.

But, NEIS is not just “against” nuclear power. We are in favor of energy conservation, energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable energy resources, and want them to take over nuclear power’s role, while also helping to improve the condition of both the environment and the economy. This is the direction in which our country should go as it makes future energy choices. This is discussed more in the literature piece entitled, “Energy: As If Common Sense Mattered.”

If you need more information, or some explanation of what we have already provided, feel free to call or write.

We also have additional information on selected topic below:

Fact Sheets


Here is our Bibliography for Further Reading about Nuclear Power

Illinois' Nuclear Power Watchdog since 1981

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