May 7: Chernobyl…Fukushima…the Great Lakes Next?

An evening with nuclear power expert Kevin Kamps.

Our DNA, our vegetables, our earth, our water are all in jeopardy.

Kevin Kamps

Please join us to hear Kevin Kamps whose contribution to our knowledge of nuclear energy issues is outstanding.
Monday  May 7th,  5:30 pm
the home of Angela Turley 4254 N. Hazel, Chicago, IL

Wine, cheese and dessert reception

A voluntary contribution is requested

Space limited (to 60)

RSVP by May 5:  (773)

Co-sponsors:  Beyond Nuclear, Nuclear Energy Information Service, Citizens Advocating For Public Ownership Of Water

Chernobyl…Fukushima…Great Lakes Next?
A partial list of Illinois and Great Lakes campaigns, for which NEIS & Beyond Nuclear vitally need your financial support to help win!
Zion 1 & 2, Zion, IL

The largest decommissioning in U.S. history. NEIS has alerted IL’s political leadership that a billion dollars in ratepayer funds is at risk of being looted by EnergySolutions. At a decommissioning project in northern Michigan, EnergySolutions’ predecessor left plutonium and other radioactive contamination in soil and groundwater, and didn’t even bother to check Lake Michigan sediments, let alone clean them up.1,160 tons of high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) to be transferred from indoor pools to outdoor dry casks for semi-permanent storage near the Lake Michigan shoreline, with little to no requirement for fortifications against attack, safeguards against accidents, or prevention of eventual leakage. Our groups have worked closely to support whistleblowers from Exelon & NRC who have courageously revealed the lack of quality assurance on the design, manufacture, and deployment of dry casks.
Braidwood 1 & 2, Braceville, IL

Despite Exelon’s decade-long cover up of multiple leaks of millions of gallons of tritium into groundwater, Braidwood still routinely discharges radioactivity into the Kankakee River, upstream of Wilmington’s and other communities’ drinking water supplies. Around 1,250 tons of HLRW has piled up on site. NEIS & Beyond Nuclear have long worked to support affected families downstream.
Dresden 2 & 3, Morris, IL/Quad Cities 1 & 2, Cordova, IL

4 of the 23 operating General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Reactors in the U.S. are upwind of Chicago. Our groups have led national emergency petitions at NRC seeking the immediate shutdown of these Fukushima Daiichi twins. Morris alone “hosts” nearly 2,500 tons of HLRW, the most of any nuclear power plant in the country.
Byron 1 & 2, Byron, IL

NEIS &Beyond Nuclear worked closely to document and then publicize the fact that NRC’s flip assurances after a radioactive steam release in January were false, since no monitors capable of determining dose levels in real time exist on-site. Byron has accumulated around 1,265 tons of HLRW.

Not only are IL’s 3 shutdown & 11 operating reactors the most of any state, but considering the HLRW figures above, as well as the inventories at Clinton (570 tons) and LaSalle (1,093 tons), IL currently has a total of nearly 9,300 tons of commercial HLRW, also the most of any state.

NEIS & Beyond Nuclear plan a Dec. 2, 2012 event in Chicago to commemorate “A Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High,” which began with Enrico Fermi first splitting the atom on this date in 1942 at the University of Chicago.