atommuell190pxCHICAGO- Scores or national safe-energy and anti-nuclear organizations delivered blistering comments against the NRC’s “waste confidence” rule today, the last day public comments were accepted by NRC.

NEIS submitted supplemental comments to the ones it already delivered to NRC at the public meeting held in Oak Brook IL on Nov. 12th.  NEIS also signed on to a joint filing spearheaded by attorney Diane Curran and others.  The 68-page filing was accompanied by four additional supportive documents provided by nationally renown nuclear experts, and totaling hundreds of pages.  These can be seen in their entirety on the NIRS website at: See Documents

NRC will now review all comments, and report its decision on the controversial and flawed Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Rule in 2014.  It is more than likely that NRC will disregard this mountain of public opposition – as it traditionally does – and approve the DGEIS.  At that point it is likely that all these groups will unite and take NRC back to Court.

In the meantime though, no new reactors are receiving licenses, nor are old ones having their licenses extended.