WASHINGTON—The Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) held a press conference on September 11th with five safe-nirsenergy advocates to announce the release of an important study.  “Killing the Competition The Nuclear Power Agenda to Block Climate Action, Stop Renewable Energy, and Subsidize Old Reactors,” exposes the activities of nuclear utilities, especially Exelon Corporation, designed to use the EPA’s newly released draft carbon rules as a means to subsidize unprofitable old nuclear reactors, and stifle renewable energy and energy efficiency growth.

The press conference participants were:  Tim Judson, executive Director, Nuclear Information & Resource Service; Dr. Mark Cooper, Vermont Law School, Institute for Energy and the Environment;  Tyson Slocum, Energy Program Director, Public Citizen;  Deb Katz, executive director, Citizens Awareness Network (New England);  Jessica Azulay, program director, Alliance for a Green Economy (New York); and David Kraft, executive director, Nuclear Energy Information Service (Illinois).

NEIS and NIRS have been collaborating for months on a national campaign to alert environmental groups and renewable energy vendors and organizations to the threat that they are under from the nuclear industry.  Exelon’s “Nuclear Matters” campaign was launched in early 2014 amid a flurry of full-page ads in the New York Times, championing the need to keep old and unprofitable nuclear reactors operating as a means of meeting future EPA carbon limits.

Exelon’s efforts resulted in the passage of the highly pro-nuclear HR1146 (see NEIS website “Literature” page for background) in the waning days of the Spring legislative session in Illinois.  It also killed the expected fix of the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard law, preventing tens of millions of dollars from being spent on construction of new renewable energy projects.

The Report is available on the NIRS website at:

The Press Conference can be heard in its entirety at:

The full Press Release is available at:

The NEIS Press Statement read at the press conference is available in PDF format at:



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