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Press Release: Senators Kirk and Durbin “Grill” Regulators

Study to “know”? or, dog-and-pony show?

CHICAGO—As Illinois’ two Senators prepare to question federal and state regulators about conditions at Illinois reactors and our preparedness to meet emergencies, Illinois’ nuclear watchdog organization remains skeptical, and asks – is this an earnest attempt to enact meaningful changes? Or a political grandstanding event to assuage the growing alarm and recent negative turn un public opinion against nuclear power?
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Sense of Congress proclaimation full of Nonsense

The Senate Energy Committee voted yesterday to approve a “Sense of the Congress Regarding the Strategic Role of Nuclear Energy.” But local critics of nuclear power say it is more non-sense than sense; and it could lay the groundwork to turn Illinois into a de facto high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) storage dump for the region.

There is nothing sensible about this vote. We have written Senators Durbin and Burris asking them to reject this document – which could turn Illinois into the de facto Yucca Mt. of the Great Lakes.

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