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A week after the “Nuclear Reaction” party ended at University of Chicago, and the dusty fallout from the artsy multi-colored mushroom cloud simulation settled to the Earth, producer Libbe

Ciu’s “Marshmallow-Mushroom Cloud” — a kinder gentler nuclear holocost symbol

HaLevy’s Nuclear Hotseat show took the University to task for its infomercial promoting nuclear power:


To observe the 75th anniversary of the Nuclear Age on Dec. 2, University of Chicago brought in such energy luminaries as former Continue reading “NUCLEAR HOTSEAT” SKEWERS U OF C’S “NUCLEAR REACTION” BUBBLE-BABBLE

NEIS to IL Delegation: NO to Yucca and CIS

The following letter and a supplemental packet of supportive information (see NEIS Literature page for some of these) was submitted by U.S. mail and e-mail to the entire Illinois Delegation to Congress today, urging them  to oppose the re-start of the Yucca Mt. site, and “centralized interim storage” (CIS) of reactor spent fuel.  NEIS urged instead that Congress support the use of “hardened on-site storage” (HOSS) of reactor spent fuel, and get on with a legitimately scientific investigation for a permanent deep-geologic disposal facility for the wastes.

Legislation (H.R.3053) supporting Yucca and CIS is expected to be voted on in the House in early October.  (See Action Alert of 9/21/17 below). Continue reading NEIS to IL Delegation: NO to Yucca and CIS