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Editorial:  The End of the (Nuclear) World As We Know It…and I Feel Fine! (and Bankrupt)

Who would have thought that the Nuclear Age would end, not with a bang (mercifully) or a whimper, but with the sucking sound of $9 billion being legally siphoned out of the wallets of South Carolina

For our childrens’ Future, NO More Nuclear Power. Message at the Henry Moore Sculpture to Atomic Energy, the birth site of the Nuclear Age.

ratepayers with the announced closure of the VC Summer nuclear plant project? [1]  A little further south in Georgia, estimates to complete the overbudget and 4-year late Vogtle nuclear reactor project have soared from the 2007 Georgia Power company estimateof $14 billion to a whopping $29 billion [2].  Ratepayers are on the hook in advance for those construction costs too, whether the plant gets finished or not. Continue reading Editorial:  The End of the (Nuclear) World As We Know It…and I Feel Fine! (and Bankrupt)


Exelon Announces TMI Closure – As the Nuclear Age Draws to an End

It’s not nearly as much ironic as it is emphatic that on the same day Exelon Corporation announced that it might close the economically unviable Three Mile Island 1 reactor in Pennsylvania, SCANA is reported to have suggested that it might only complete one of two “next-generation” reactors it had proposed for South Carolina.  Add to that the recent Westinghouse (and by extension, Toshiba) bankruptcy and the message is clear: nuclear of the past can’t compete in the present, and apparently has no future either.  In short – the Nuclear Age is over. Continue reading EXELON CLOSING TMI- NUCLEAR AGE ENDING