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  • Educates, activates and organizes the public on energy issues.
  • Builds and mobilizes grass-roots power and nonviolent opposition to nuclear power.
  • Advocates sustainable and ecologically sound energy alternatives.

NEIS Latest News


PRESS RELEASE: Lake Michigan Nuclear Threat -- Wisconsin group files for a hearing on the license extension of Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant

As a courtesy to our colleagues at Beyond Nuclear and those in Wisconsin attempting to protect Lake Michigan, we forward this press release. Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin is announcing plans to intervene with the federal…
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Safe Energy Groups Call Out Lax Nuclear Oversight During Pandemic

Nuclear power plants appear to be sites of COVID-19 super-spreader events, but government regulators are ignoring the problem. So says a coalition of safe-energy advocates who have been tracking the situation. The groups obtained copies of social…
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The recent Illinois lobbying corruption scandal involving Exelon Corporation, its subsidiary Commonwealth Edison and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan demonstrate the extent to which nuclear “power” is about more than electrons. While…

NEIS President Gail Snyder Speaks on the 75th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing - NEW

[NOTE: Due to COVID, event could not be held at the University of Chicago Campus ‘Nuclear Energy’ Statue so it was held online via Zoom conference.] Good Evening, Thank you all for your concern and time regarding this issue and thank…

NEIS Fall 2019 Review - and What's Ahead

Greetings Safe Energy Advocate – It’s now officially winter.  Both meteorologically and astronomically.  The major holidays are winding down, and we soon will face a new year.  That makes it time for NEIS to fill you in on what we’ve…
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ILLINOIS ENERGY TRANSFORMATION #15: “When (and why) nuclear supporters change their mind….”

NEIS sent the following today to Illinois state and federal legislators, as well as to its entire media list.  We share it with you now: We hope that this latest installment of our energy transformation series finds you well, and as you…
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NEIS sponsors a week of activities against premature, hazardous radioactive waste transport through Illinois NEIS hosted a week of events and activities in response to recent House Congressional legislation that would prematurely place hazardous…
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Ongoing Fukushima Disaster “Sanitized” for the Olympics?

August 16, 2018 Dr. Norma Field, professor emeritus of Japanese Studies at the University of Chicago, and Dr. Yuki Miyamoto, ethicist and professor of Religious Studies at DePaul University are interviewed by Jerome McDonnell on his “Worldview”…

The Dog Days of Summer…NEIS Summer Update

It’s August already.  They don’t call this time of year “the dog days” for nothing.  After a pretty frenetic Spring, things have slowed down a bit.  But that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.  We at NEIS are using this relatively…

“Tour the Moore” Program Introduced at Hiroshima Observance

A new NEIS “Know Nukes” program made its debut this August 6th at the Chicago Hiroshima  Anniversary Observance, held at the site of the Henry Moore Sculpture to Nuclear Power on the campus of the University of Chicago.  The site – memorialized…
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What nuclear retirement could mean for Illinois & the Midwest

Written By Kari Lydersen, Energy News Network, July 13, 2018. Members of Congress are scheduled to receive a briefing next week from nuclear energy experts and watchdogs on pending nuclear waste storage proposals and the decommissioning…

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More than $38 billion

is spent on nuclear waste per year

57 nuclear accidents

have occurred in the US since the Chernobyl disaster


of all nuclear-related accidents have occurred in the U.S.

1000’s of years

from now nuclear waste will remain radioactive

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Earth Week

NEIS events for Earth Week 2019 — April 22-27. Workshop with noted activist/organizer/author George Lakey to promote his new book, “HOW WE WIN: A Guide to Non-Violent Direct Action Campaigning. 

Stop H.R. 3053

ACTION ALERT: House vote expected next week on Shimkus Bill to Re-Start Yucca Mt. A vote is finally expected on the controversial H.R. 3053, the NUCLEAR WASTE POLICY ACT AMENDMENTS OF 2017.  This bill is authored by Rep. John Shimkus…

Shimkus Bill Re-Starts Yucca Mt.

ACTION ALERT! – Stop H.R. 3053 – Shimkus Bill Re-Starts Yucca Mt., build CIS facilities; House vote expected next week A vote is finally expected on the controversial H.R. 3053, the NUCLEAR WASTE POLICY ACT AMENDMENTS OF 2017.  This…