NRC Waste Confidence

NRC Waste Confidence Meeting

November 12, 2013,  Tuesday, 6-10 p.m. 

Chicago Marriott, Oak Brook

1401 West 22nd Street

Oak Brook, IL 60523

(NOTICE:  This is the confirmed, rescheduled date of the Waste Confidence meeting NRC intended to hold in Oak Brook, IL.  Make plans to attend.]

Testimony provided to NRC on Waste Confidence Rule

NEIS additional Waste Confidence comments 12-20-13

NEIS DGEIS testimony 11-12-13

Gail Snyder Chicago Statement at Waste Confidence Meeting for Press

Gail Snyder Statement on phone re Waste Confidence on Nov 14

Background:  (see info sheets below for more detail)

The NRC has been forced by the federal courts to justify with hard data, not just verbal assurances as was historically the case, that all the radioactive wastes generated by all U.S. reactors to this day can be safely stored onsite at these reactors.  If NRC cannot do this, they will lose their authority to give out operating licenses to new reactors, or re-license old reactors.  This would result in the complete shutdown of the nuclear power industry moving forward.

NEIS, Sierra Club and hundreds of other organizations locally and nationally do not have ANY confidence in NRC’s “waste confidence” rule, as it is called.  Some summary information is provided with this letter, and more can be found on the NEIS website (  We ask you to come to the meeting to add your voice on this important issue of what to do with the nearly 80,000 tons of spent-reactor fuel (9,000+ in Illinois alone!), and the future of nuclear power to generate even more radioactive waste.

Take Action!  What you should do:

  • Make plans to attend the NRC’s public meeting. Bring others, too!  Please RSVP to NEIS if you plan to attend (
  • Plan to make a short comment, 3 minutes or so.    See NEIS webpage below for details. Here is the NRC registration form to register for the Chicago and other waste confidence meetings.  NRC will call people to speak at these meetings in the order that registrations are received.  You don’t have to register in advance; but there’s no guarantee they will call you if they run out of time; and you won’t be leaving early if you wait to register at the  event.  If you cannot attend, you can also submit comments by e-mail or snail mail to the NRC before December 20th.  (see below)
  • If your organization can come to make a statement, please let NEIS know who is coming, and send us  a copy of your planned remarks.

Promotional materials:


PROMOTIONAL FLIER FOR THE EVENT:  Illinois Waste Confidence Flyer (2)  10/22/13 (PDF format)

HALF-SHEET FLIER FOR THE NOV. 12th  EVENT:  Stop Mobile Chernobyl hand-bill        (PDF format)

waste confidence signs  — print out and use at meetings and hearings

Request: if you have a vehicle and can car pool; and/or if you would be willing to host an out-of-town guest overnight the night of the meeting, please contact NEIS at

Car pooling is being arranged. If you need a ride to Oak Brook, please contact the NEIS office, and we will see what we can do to help get you there.

Some background docs:  (helpful for preparing oral and written comments)

WASTE CONFIDENCE in a nutshell

talkingpoints–wasteconpolicy NIRS 9-26-13


The State of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Waste Confidence Act, as of September 2013


Court of Appeals decision 6-8-12

Detailed comments on the Draft EIS are available on line at this link  (Jan., 2013, 23 MB file in PDF)

Also, visit the webpages for Beyond Nuclear and NIRS

NRC announcement and links to NRC Waste Confidence page:

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Rule and Environmental Study of

How to submit comments to NRC:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is extending by three weeks, until December 20, the deadline for public comments on a proposed rule and supporting environmental study on the effects of extended storage of spent nuclear fuel beyond the licensed operating life of commercial reactors.

Public comments may be submitted several ways: Online through the federal government’s rulemaking website, using Docket ID NRC-2012-0246; by e-mail to; by fax to 301-415-1101; by mail to Secretary, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington DC 20555-0001, ATTN: Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff; or by hand delivery to 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md., between 7:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. on federal workdays.

Comments may also be provided orally or in writing at the public meetings, part of the agency’s extensive public outreach effort on the waste confidence project. All comments will be considered no matter how they are submitted.  NRC says it will allow people to speak in the order they receive registration from participants.  Here is the NRC registration form to register for the Chicago and other waste confidence meetings.  NRC will call people to speak at these meetings in the order that registrations are received.  You don’t have to register in advance; but there’s no guarantee they will call you if they run out of time; and you won’t be leaving early if you wait to register at the  event.

[NOTE:  This page will undergo constant updating prior to the November 12th meeting and beyond.  Check back here for updates; and also visit the NEIS Calendar on our webpage.]

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