NEIS kicks off its 2014 “KNOw-Nukes!” film series with a showing of the new documentary, “High Power,” by Indian documentarian Pradeep Indulkar.  The film will be shown along with a panel discussion with the filmmaker on Thursday, March 6th, 6:30 p.m. at DePaul University’s Schmitt Academic Center, Room 154, 2320 N. Kenmore Ave., in Lincoln Park, Chicago.  The showing is being done in cooperation Continue reading


Well, the holiday is over.  The pro-nuke tribe is at the gates yet again.  Time to get back into the trenches, and fight for safe energy once more.  Please take action on as many of these as you can.  Thanks in advance!

–Dave Kraft, Driector—

Have you become a member, or made a contribution to NEIS lately?  Please do so today!

1.)  THEY’RE BACK!  SEN. MIKE JACOBS INTRODUCES S.3417, TO REPEAL THE ILLINOIS NUCLEAR MORATORIUM:   Just like rust or a bad case of herpes, the pro-nuclear lobby is back again.  This time Sen. Mike Jacobs  (D., 36th, Moline; Chair of the Senate Energy Committee) has introduced S.3417, calling for the repeal of the section Continue reading


Jeff Patterson photo
Jeff Patterson presenting at Mt. of Waste Conference in Chicago, 2012.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of our friend and colleague Jeff Patterson of Physicians for Responsibility.  We received the following announcement just this morning.

 Dear family of PSR.

 I’m sorry to inform you that Jeff Patterson died last night.  He had a heart attack at the hotel and an arrhythmia in the ambulance.  Mary called John Rachow this am to inform PSR and his friends.

 Our thoughts and well wishes for support are with Mary, who will be heading back to WI cancelling their vacation.

The world has lost a generous and kind man, who did so much for so many!

 We will all miss him!

 Catherine Thomasson, MD

 Executive Director,   Physicians for Social Responsibility Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE — Groups oppose top climate scientists’ call to embrace nuclear power

CHICAGO– Wednesday, January 8, 2014

As a courtesy to our hundreds of colleague organizations nationally, we forward this press release to you.

Sun over nuke
“Solar eclipse” of the D.C. Cook nuke, at 1999 Nuclear Free Great Lakes Action Camp

NEIS is one of the signatory groups on this letter.

Much ado was made several months back of Dr. James Hanson’s joint letter, calling on environmental groups to embrace new nuclear reactors.  While a brilliant climate scientist, his credentials in energy analysis leave something to be desired.  Just as one would not go to a dentist for an oil change (no matter how painless s/he promised the treatment), one has to be more than skeptical of a climate scientist promoting nuclear power. Continue reading

NEIS, Scores of Groups Nationwide Tell NRC: “NO Confidence in Your Waste Confidence!”

CHICAGO- Scores or national safe-energy and anti-nuclear organizations delivered blistering comments against the NRC’s “waste confidence” rule today, the last day public comments were accepted by NRC.  atommuell190px

NEIS submitted supplemental comments to the ones it already delivered to NRC at the public meeting held in Oak Brook IL on Nov. 12th.  NEIS also signed on to a joint filing spearheaded by attorney Diane Curran and others.  The 68-page filing was accompanied by four additional supportive documents Continue reading

ACTION ALERT Nuclear Waste, back by unpopular demand; fracking; more…

Rust never sleeps, and neither do the NRC and nuclear industry.  In their annual effort to sabotage public participation, NRC scheduled its 12 “waste confidence” hearings before the holidays, as did the Illinois State IDNR on fracking issues.  Now, it seems Congress wants to get in the act by moving the disastrous nuclear waste legislation, S. 1240 – the “Nuclear Waste Administration Act,” currently in Sen. Wyden’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee – for a December vote.

Waste Con Mtg Nov 14 DC homepage-11182013
NEIS Board member Linda Lewison at NRC Washington DC “waste-con” meeting, Nov. 14.

Don’t let our bureaucratic rulers get away with this sabotage – take action one more time to stop irresponsible radioactive waste policy.

And finally – realize that it takes money to bring these Alerts to you.  Please consider renewing your membership or making Continue reading



[available now on YouTube thanks to Chicago Independent Television and MultiKulti Center, Chicago: ]

CHICAGO–  Over 140 people attended the NRC’s public meeting on its controversial “waste confidence” rule in Oak Brook, Illinois on Tuesday.  The message was very clear to NRC:  “We have NO confidence in NRC’s ‘waste confidence’ rule!”  Of the 56 registered speakers, 38 spoke out against the NRC’s proposed draft generic environmental impact statement (DGEIS) and proposed rule.  Of the 18 who spoke in favor, the overwhelming majority were Exelon employees (5) from nuclear power plants, or representatives from corporations, associations or government entities which financially benefit directly from nuclear power operation.  Some of those who spoke against the waste confidence rule came from as far away as St. Louis, MO, and Michigan.

NEIS info table at event
NEIS Board member Carol Kurz staffing info table at NRC meeting

NRC had not originally intended to hold a waste confidence meeting in the Chicago area.  They claimed that historically people in Illinois did not turn out to such meetings.  They instead scheduled one for Orlando, FL.  NEIS intervened, and asked both Illinois Senators Durbin and Kirk to request that Illinois be added to the list of sites.  Sen. Durbin’s office did in fact send a request.  Shortly after NRC Chair Allison Macfarlane sent a letter informing us that Illinois would indeed get a meeting.  It is interesting to note that the Orlando hearing which preceded the Chicago session had 21 people total who spoke at the Florida meeting. Continue reading


If you go to one safe-energy, anti-nuclear event  this year, MAKE IT THIS ONE!

Nuclear Waste - Stop Making It!NRC Waste Confidence Meeting

November 12, 2013,  Tuesday, 6-10 p.m. 

Chicago Marriott, Oak Brook

1401 West 22nd Street

Oak Brook, IL 60523

Visit the NEIS “NRC Waste Confidence” webpage for details.  Plan to make a 3-minute comment.  Bring people.  Offer rides.  Limited car pooling available.  BE THERE!

CNN TO BROADCAST PRO-NUCLEAR ‘PANDORA’S PROMISE’ or Does Robert Stone Understand Greek Mythology?

 [“Pandora’s Promise” will be broadcast on CNN Thursday, Nov. 7, 9:00pm to 11:00pm, with encores from 11:00pm to 1:00am and 2:00am to 4:00am.  All times Eastern.]

 There are times when a lone brave voice — bucking both public opinion and sometimes seemingly even reality — is called for, for the good of a nation, society, or planetary survival.

CNN’s decision to broadcast the commercially disastrous pro-nuclear docu-mercial ‘Pandora’s Promise’ is not one of those times.

Pandora 3The 2013 documentary by Robert Stone purports to present the narrative of several self-described formerly anti-nuclear environmentalists who supposedly have “seen the light,” and now support nuclear power in the future.  Despite an aggressive ad campaign, the $1 million-plus documentary grossed $66,643 over its 7 week run in the summer of 2013 – roughly translating into a total national viewing audience of about 6,664.  It did garner a decent 61% on Rotten, however.   Continue reading

“The sky is blue. Water is wet. ‘Illinois Biggest Atomic Dump’” – says Bloomberg Press


“The sky is blue.  Water is wet. ‘Illinois Biggest Atomic Dump’”

 – says Bloomberg Press

Article on radioactive waste buildup captures public attention.  Finally.

Dave Kraft, Director, NEIS

October 25, 2013

An article in the Bloomberg Press of Oct. 25, 2013 titled “Illinois Biggest Atomic Dump

as U.S. Fails to Pick Site,”  has received a lot of media attention today.  While it should be and is appreciated that Bloomberg writes about radioactive waste issues at all, the article in reality is a lot like one about the sky being blue, or water being wet.

With 14 reactors total, and 11 constantly producing more high-level radioactive waste Print(HLRW) in the form of irradiated or “spent” fuel, as it is called, it’s no wonder we’ve accumulated over 9,000 tons of the nation’s HLRW in Illinois.

The real “story” of the story, though, seems to be to create a perceived “need” for what the nuclear industry, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and their political allies in Congress and the Obama Administration really want next – “centralized interim storage” (CIS)  facilities for the HLRW. Continue reading

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