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Sunday, May 30, 2021 The last phase of Exelon’s “Nuclear Hostage Crisis” is playing out in the final legislative negotiations over a comprehensive state energy future.  Once again Exelon and its labor allies are the tail attempting…

PRESS RELEASE: Lake Michigan Nuclear Threat -- Wisconsin group files for a hearing on the license extension of Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant

As a courtesy to our colleagues at Beyond Nuclear and those in Wisconsin attempting to protect Lake Michigan, we forward this press release. Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin is announcing plans to intervene with the federal…
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Safe Energy Groups Call Out Lax Nuclear Oversight During Pandemic

Nuclear power plants appear to be sites of COVID-19 super-spreader events, but government regulators are ignoring the problem. So says a coalition of safe-energy advocates who have been tracking the situation. The groups obtained copies of social…

Congressional Briefing: “Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

Congressional Briefing: “Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants: What Congress, Federal Agencies and Communities Need to Know” WHEN:   Monday, July 16 2018   |   2 PM – 3:30 PM Eastern Live webcast will be streamed at: WHERE:…

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Shimkus Bill Re-Starts Yucca Mt.

ACTION ALERT! – Stop H.R. 3053 – Shimkus Bill Re-Starts Yucca Mt., build CIS facilities; House vote expected next week A vote is finally expected on the controversial H.R. 3053, the NUCLEAR WASTE POLICY ACT AMENDMENTS OF 2017.  This…

Stop Pro-Yucca Mt./CIS Bills

ACTION ALERT! – Stop H.R. 3053 – Shimkus Bill to Re-Start Yucca Mt., build CIS facilities; House vote expected next week;  also Support H.R. 3671 – Tulsi Gabbard’s 100% Renewables Bill Oppose H.R. 3053: This bill would provide…
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State legislation threatens renewables & create new radioactive waste threats

ACTION ALERT! If you believe in safe energy and a less-nuclear world, we ask you to take immediate action on two urgent issues described below. Actions in Springfield  threaten to take away some of the hard-won renewable energy…


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