Illinois’ Energy Legislation Due for Completion This Week

Your LAST Chance to Tell Them What You Want!

7 competing bills; over 3,500 pages of competing legislation!

This week (May 10, 2021)  the Illinois Legislature will determine the energy fate of Illinois for years to come.

We have long understood that the Illinois energy legislation that will be acted upon in 2021 will be an amalgam of pieces from the numerous proposed bills.  Currently these bills cumulatively amount to between 3,000-4,000 pages of text.  Except for discussion about bailouts, nuclear power is again excluded from detailed examination, significant nuclear-related issues have been ignored, and nuclear critics have been left out of direct discussions.

There are however items that must be included at all costs to end the continuous cycle of nuclear bailouts, subsidies, and threat of energy plant closures, all while trying to build an environmentally just and equitable 100% renewable energy system by 2050.

Essential inclusions: Tell your State Senator and Representative that the final legislation MUST include these:

  • No bailouts for Exelon’s unprofitable nuclear plants: You can’t build an energy future by bailout out the past.  These reactors are solely the assets of a profitable private corporation – Exelon.  It is their responsibility, and that of their Board, to find ways to run their assets profitably.  Illinois ratepayers should not be viewed as an ATM machine for their corporate choices and failures.  Nuclear bailouts have been shown to actually impede implementation of renewable energy.  It’s the communities and workers affected by plant closures who will need the bailout, not profitable Exelon.
  • Significant equity clauses and “just-transitions” packages for nuclear, coal, and other fossil fuel generator and mining communities faced with severe economic disruption as a result of their inevitable closures. Ideally, these programs should be initiated prior to facility closure when possible, and the funds escrowed to be available to the communities and workers to protect their tax base and create replacement economic opportunities when the facilities finally cease operations.
  • Maximal financial support for an aggressive build-out of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, and improved electric transmission. If you want a 100% renewable energy future, then build one.  Get to the State’s goal of 100% renewables by 2050 directly.  Don’t waste more  of OUR  time and OUR  money on soon to be extinct fossil fuels and nuclear power plants.  To insure energy equity, make sure these buildouts are given priority to communities already economically disadvantaged or damaged from dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power.

In this upcoming negotiation, nobody is going to get everything they want.  But it’s high time that WE finally get what we’ve been demanding for decades – a clean and equitable energy future!  Now!


Contact your State Senator and Representative, and the Governor and tell him/her that you want these three demands included in the final energy legislation, due to be completed by Friday, May 14.

Go here to find out who your elected officials are and get their contact information.  Follow the instructions found there:

How to find your elected official

Here is the page you can go to to leave a direct message for the Governor:

Thanks in advance.  We’ve done all we could.  Your energy future is now in YOUR  hands.